The Getting to Wisdom Experience

The GTW Experience seeks to help you learn to navigate your day with grace, purpose, and agility, whether you’re at work, at home, or among your friends. GTW’s guiding principles provide the backdrop for my work with you or your group, and I’ll help you develop your own list, your own truth.

You might not recognize it yet, but GTW isn’t something you turn on and off. You’re acquiring it all the time. It’s a lived and shared experience that can take place in your dreams, in the shower, when you’re running errands, on the basketball court, or when you’re closing that big deal. In other words, acquiring wisdom never ends until you’ve taken your last breath. Learning to take hold of it and utilize it so that it works for you is what GTW is all about.

The idiomatic phrase “getting to” in Getting to Wisdom means to arrive at something. As you live and experience life’s lessons, you will forever arrive at little nuggets of wisdom. Know that those little nuggets are important. In GTW, you will learn to become aware of each sense that is guiding you toward your purpose, and to pay special attention to those little whispers in your ear.